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Why are the Prices so Different between Different Architects, and How to Choose?

Planning a new build, or renovations, can be an exciting, if rather overwhelming, prospect. You therefore want to make sure you find the right architect. But how do you choose the right architect? And...

With the property market crash, how does this affect architects and draftsman?

When the property market crashes, no one is untouched. When house prices are on the rise, it encourages consumer spending and results in economic growth and buoyancy about the state of the economy. Wh...

Home additions or extensions? Make sure you abide by your council rules!

We completely get it, you have this amazing idea to turn an average slice of suburbia into your dream home and you can’t wait to get started. Before you get too carried away however,...

Do I need an architect or draftsman for my home renovation?

You’re sitting on the couch with a cuppa and observing your living room. You’re feeling pretty comfortable with everything around you, except the nagging feeling that the house needs a...

5 great minimal design ideas for home renovations

The philosophy behind minimalist architecture is about achieving simplicity in form, space, materials and colour. Minimal homes are pared down and restrained to create a sense of purity as an...

Great architectural design trends to look for in 2019

The New Year is here and like always, there’s bound to be plenty of design trends to jump on board, inspiring you to hop into your next renovation or construction project eagerly.   From...