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Why Us 

The Benefits of Using Design Edge Associates As Your Experts

Upon entrusting us with your project you will be rewarded with the benefit of a personalised and client focused service. Our small project teams are made up of dedicated and skilled members ably lead by one of our experienced, principal Architects and empowered with cutting edge technology.

Professional Benefits include:

  • As a registered Architectural practice we follow a strict code of professional ethics set out by the Architects Registration Board of Victoria (Abrv) unlike many other non-Architect drafting & building design companies.
  • Our senior Architects are experienced Associate members of the Australian Institute of Architects.
  • We are vastly experienced in all aspect of building design & documentation.
  • We utilize cutting edge (BIM) 3D Modelling software that is usually reserved for the largest of companies. 
  • Our vast experiences have helped us establish strong & professional working relationships with most of Melbourne's councils and planning authorities.  Our deserved reputation for design quality & integrity has won us their respect and trust which translates to faster approvals for our projects & clients.
  • We maintain full Professional Indemnity Insurance with a major & recognised company.
  • We support our design concepts & proposals with the highest quality photo-realistic 3D presentations. These not only perfectly illustrate our design concepts but also help to substantially streamline authority approvals.
  • We have a strong & reliable team of external consultants to call upon to help us complete  your project's documentation and minimise delays. We also call upon their experience & knowledge to help select the most cost effective construction method for your project.

Embedded & innate benefits include:

  • We offer a totally personalised & client focused service, we design for you.
  • We provide our clients with an honest and straight forward fee proposal which outlines:
    • what we will do
    • when we will do it
    • how much it will cost & when it is payable
    • We do not work on hidden costs like many builders & designers/draftsmen.
  • We strive to produce fresh and engaging Architectural designs that not only speak of a timeless character but deliver functionality and embedded sustainability.  Even then we have one eye on the future to build in extra flexibly because experience has taught us that lifestyle needs change as families and children grow older.
  • Experience has taught us that we must not only consider your budget when designing but also realise that it costs the same $ to build a bad design as a well-considered and fully resolved design but you live with the consequence.  We understand that it is not enough to just meet your budget but we must strive to stretch every dollar you spend to deliver the best value.
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