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Great architectural design trends to look for in 2019

16:56 PM

The New Year is here and like always, there’s bound to be plenty of design trends to jump on board, inspiring you to hop into your next renovation or construction project eagerly.


From architectural design innovations that promote environmental sustainability, through to pastel colour schemes – 2019 is already delivering the goods for the architectural field. So, here are a few of the biggest trends popping up on our 2019 ‘must-watch’ list.


Open plan spaces 

Although they’re not necessarily a new concept, 2019 will see the trend reinvented to accommodate our modern, urban lifestyles that little bit more. This year, architects will look to introduce residential and commercial open plan spaces that avoid the flat, minimalistic look. Instead, they'll opt for shifting floor levels to show off chic mezzanines; varying surface colours and textures; kitchen islands to define entertaining areas, and styled lighting to create more visual appeal within home renovation plans.


If you are looking at renovating your space but aren’t sure where to start, start thinking about how open space may create that bit of ‘oomph’ you’re looking for.


Eco-friendly structures 

Apartment and high-rise buildings that are popping up all across our capital cities are boasting plenty of eco-friendly trends that are shifting the urban landscape. Expect more of this in 2019, with eco-friendly materials further emphasised in construction and design, alongside the latest innovations of green rooftops, indoor gardens and green walls.


This year, we’ll also see lots of buildings incorporate a green thumb into their spaces, in both the residential and commercial sectors. If you're looking for inspiration towards your home renovation plans or extension designs, why not incorporate an indoor garden and jump onto this nifty bandwagon? From recycled materials in construction through to lowering energy requirements and emissions – this year is all about going green, but on a larger scale.


Tiny houses

Unless you’re one to stay away from news and headlines, you will have heard of the tiny house movement. It’s exactly what it sounds like –  a tiny house.


These little spaces usually feature a living area, sleeping loft, kitchen and bathroom, but they differ slightly from our standard homes because they can fit into a space as small as a trailer. They’re also are a huge component of 2019’s commitment to sustainability, due to their much smaller environmental footprint, reduction on resources and lower demand across the board – all contributing towards a more sustainable future in Australia. 


The year of the green 

While we’ve explored it extensively already in this post, it’s really worth noting that 2019 is the year for environmentally conscious designs in the architecture sphere. From air conditioning units that conserve more energy, through to visually appealing solar panels and energy-efficient appliances – new and renovated homes are already setting the bar pretty high for sustainably-conscious property owners.


More and more home buyers are looking to make eco-friendly choices that still fit in with their urban lifestyle, so expect to see plenty of innovative measures in this sector to cater to the demand. This trend is likely to see an increase in property value across the board, as well as the nation making an improved effort to lower carbon footprints.


What design trends have you started to notice this year?