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What Type Of Home Design Will Be Best For You?

09:00 AM

There are different home designs, and not all designs suit everyone. If you’re planning on decorating your home but aren’t sure which home design will best suit you, we suggest you go through the most popular home designs listed below and choose which style best aligns with your personal sense of style and taste.

1.     Mid-Century Modern Home Design

Mid-century modern style is characterised by minimalist silhouettes, refined lines, and natural shapes. It uses new materials like plywood, moulded plastic, and aluminium is the most creative ways. In fact, the most iconic pieces of modern designs were produced in the mid-1900s, hence termed as mid-century modern. If you’re one of those people who is drawn towards minimalist designs and styles, the mid-century modern is probably the best home design for you.

2.     Industrial Home Design

If your style is more on the rustic and mature side, the industrial home design will suit you best. This home design features steel and wooden elements. Exposed steel and distressed wood form a truly rustic combination, which is best paired with brick walls. The modern copper-tone accents give any space a mature, sophisticated, and a classic look. If that’s what you like, you just found out the home design that will suit you best!

3.     Scandinavian Home Design

If you’re fond of open and bright places, the Scandinavian home design is the one for you. It features colours that are playful, gentle and subtle contours, and a perfect balance of engineered and organic materials. Scandinavian home design is simple and highly functional. If you want to revamp your living space and make it look roomy, airy, and bright, Scandinavian home design is something you will truly like!

4.     Bohemian Home Design

Bohemian home design is for people who like their living space to be popping up with colours and patterns. It captures the adventurous and carefree spirit of the avant-garde lifestyle. Vibrant colours, especially purple and red tones and rich patterns, present an on-purpose messy look. An additional layer of textile that Bohemian style is known for is achieved with the help of rugs, tapestries, pillows, and throws. If you want your living space to look warm, welcoming, cosy, and lively, the Bohemian home design won’t disappoint you!

5.     Farmhouse Home Design

If you’re a nature lover, farmhouse home design is something that you’ll like very much. It features the addition of different green verities carefully arrange din planters and vases throughout the interior of your home. It is the perfect mix of traditional elements and farmhouse aesthetics. It is characterised by furniture made of distressed wood, upholstered using linen. The base is usually kept beige or white with a touch of yellow or turquoise to add the pop that is needed to bring the living space to life. You can always add bolder colours to the decor if you think the spark is missing. Bright colours against a beige or white base will create an even louder impact!

The list of home designs isn’t limited to the ones listed above. There are numerous others as well. Most people don’t stick to any one home style. They mix and match multiple home designs to achieve what they have in their minds. Home designs are highly subjective and vary from person to person, depending on their personal taste. The best home design for you will be the one that makes you love your house more every day!