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How home renovators are using architects to bring their ideas to life.

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Renovations or additions/extensions to an existing home often leverage the skills of a professional architect in the design stage. Having a qualified expert on hand to ensure that the new plans you have match your current design and space needs. They will be able to go over with you what your needs will be in 5, 10, 20 years time and ensure that you havent missed out on any important details for your plans for your home or family down the track.

So when you're itching to get started on your renovation plans, the temptation is strong to jump right in, but there are some compelling reasons why you shouldn't. Whether you’re dreaming of a second story, an indoor/outdoor family room extension or a complete remodelling project, careful planning is vital to ensure you're happy with the result for years to come. As we're fond of saying, it costs the same amount to do a lousy home renovation as a well-considered one, but you're the one who has to live with the consequences.

How an architect can help.

Enlisting a professional renovation architect will save you time, heartache and your hard earned cash. Because they’ve completed many renovations before, they will know exactly how to realise your vision more efficiently, plan for contingencies and keep you on budget. They’ll be fully conversant of the trick and tips that can be used to stretch your dollar further and give you the most bang for your renovating bucks.

Before you jump into your project, it pays to think carefully about what you want. An architect can talk you through the why, how and what of your renovation, asking insightful questions about the problems with your home you’re trying to solve.

This holistic approach helps you come up with a shopping list of services (like engaging an extension draftsman, or an engineer if you want to move walls), materials, features and fixtures that give you a realistic budget from the outset. The last thing you want is to get started and then find out you can’t afford what you want.

Expanding your horizons.

Your renovation architect can also open up new possibilities. Because they’re not emotionally invested in the project, they can often see elements you might have missed or approach a plan from a completely different perspective.

Here is where the real magic in home design happens. Architects can expand your vision in ways you never expected, making your home easier and more comfortable to live in. An architect is trained to see the big picture as well as the tiny details that make a house a home. They can take your needs, dreams and desires and produce a detailed design that takes into account the architecture of your existing house and ensure every new element added achieves the proper proportions for seamless living.

What’s really exciting these days is that the best renovation architects can also show you what your home will look like at the end of the project, using advanced, photo-realistic 3D modelling software that perfectly illustrates the details of your plan, so you can stop dreaming and start understanding the pending modifications as they’ll actually eventuate.

Next steps.

Once your architect has helped you plan your new home from concept to delivery, they will then start the documentation process, engaging other professionals and seeking approvals from relevant councils and planning bodies on your behalf. Their extensive experience allows them to do this much more efficiently than the average homeowner and drawing on their network of trusted partners ensures your vision comes to life just as you planned.