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Double Stories Getting More Popular Again as New Lot Sizes are Getting Smaller

10:27 AM

The average size of lots has drastically reduced over the past decade. Not only has the size of liveable lots decreased, but the preferences of people have also shifted. There was a time when people wanted to build homes on a large lot so they could have plenty of yard space. Today, owning a home has become so unaffordable for the masses that people prefer smaller lots so that they can at least afford to build a house.

Building a home today isn’t easy. If you’ve already bought a lot and are planning to start building your house soon, you might want to be sure whether it’s wise to build a single-storey house or a double-storey.

Let’s have a look at the many reasons why double stories are getting more popular and why you should go with the growing trend too.


More Yard and Living Space

Since the sizes of new lots are smaller today than they were a few years ago, you just can’t have all the rooms you want on a single storey. You may want separate rooms for your children, a spacious kitchen, and a dedicated home office. All of this might not be possible if you build a single storey. However, building a double-storey house provides more living space despite the smaller lot size. The number of rooms you can have in a double-storey house is definitely more than what you can have in a single-storey house.


Better Views

Building a double-storey house provides you an opportunity of enjoying the view of your yard. You can’t really absorb the beauty of your yard from the ground floor. However, opening the curtains of your bedroom window on the second storey will definitely be an experience you’ll cherish every morning. You can even enjoy your evening tea on your terrace, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire neighbourhood.


Added Privacy

You’ve got more room to play around with the layout of your house when you build a double storey house. You don’t have much option in a single storey house, but when you’re adding an additional floor to your house, you can plan to have the bedrooms on the upper storey and keep the living area and kitchen on the ground floor. This will provide you the privacy you need when the rest of the family is hustling and bustling around the rest of the house.


Suitable for Larger Families

Double-storey houses are ideal for larger families. If you’re one big happy family who wishes to live together, a double-storey house on a small lot might be your best bet because affording a single storey house large enough for the entire family may not be a possibility.

Smaller lot sizes have made housing relatively challenging. The increasing popularity of double-storey houses shows that smaller lots aren’t really sufficient for even single families today, which is why more people are now building double-storey houses.